Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Kinder quote

Here's another funny Kindergarten quote that one of my students said after we had been discussing how to be a good friend to others.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Day

We've been spending the first 3 weeks of school learning nursery rhymes, working with colors and shapes, and focusing on rhyming words.  Today we had a "Humpty Dumpty Day" at school.  We all got our very own (hardboiled) Humpty to decorate and then drop off our "wall" while re-telling the nursery rhyme.  So much of our focus is on re-telling and rhyming the first part of the year...I use this re-telling activity for my Qualls assessment as well. :)
 The kiddies also got to make a Humpty and put him on the wall (brick scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby) and "write" how they would put him back together.  I thought they came up with some pretty cute ideas this year.

Then we started our Humpty "Egg-speriment".  We put a raw egg and a hard-boiled egg in vinegar to soak overnight.  The kiddies were so excited and had all sorts of theories as to what would happen. 

Then late in the afternoon all our "kings men and kings women" headed out to the track behind our playground for our 2nd annual Humpty Launch.  We love this activity and it's a student favorite from last year.  We covered 4 boxes with "brick paper" of different colors.  We used a 3 man slingshot and raw eggs to launch Humpty as far as we could.  We re-told the rhyme over and over and discussed where he landed each time (using those positional terms). 


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

time can be a funny thing

This is our 3rd week of the school year. This marks the fourth time in my life as a teacher that I have started a new school year.. I feel like each year goes by faster and faster. The year we had our son was the fastest so far. I think the average school year is 178 days long. The state of Arkansas will allow you to retire after 28 years of teaching. That means if you retire the first year available you probably worked on average of 4, 984 days as a teacher. That is 28 extremely long first days of school. In Kindergarten you have 20 students. In a Kindergarten teaching career you will probably have more than 560 kiddos in your classes (assuming some students will move throughout the year). An average 28 year teaching career means an average of 4,984 days of teaching. I have already completed about 544 teaching days so far. Part of me gets excited to know that the count down doesn't seem too unbearable but part of me knows that I need to enjoy every minute of my job. It is rare to meet people that absolutely love their job. I am one of those people. I know that of the 560 kiddos placed in my room they are all there for a reason. I know I can teach them all something and they can all teach me something. I know I need to cherish and make the most of the 4,440 more days. This job is one of the only jobs I can think of that can keep my attention. Looking forward to the next 25 or so years!