Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mr. Howse's Camping Classroom Tour

First, let's take a tour of Mr. Howse's camping themed classroom.  This theme fits his personality perfectly and it's evident he loves the outdoors.  The kids LOVE his room.  It doesn't hurt that he lucked into the biggest room in the whole building pretty much...his room is a little bit down the hall from the rest of the KCrew and he has the ultimate closet and awesome reading loft! 

When you walk in this is what you see....


He hand painted most of the details of his room like the trees, camping signs, and posters. 



I love his reading area with the faux grass, tree stumps, campfire, and stars.  What kid wouldn't want to hang out in there?  He added some awesome details like bobbers in a jar, metal buckets/lanterns, and cricket bucket pencil holders!  He also has camping themed number charts, color charts, and ABC charts!

The canoe shelf is just phenomenal...

Map covered storage boxes, fish baskets, and a picnic inspired calendar set-up help set the tone as well.

This is the view looking toward the door from the back of his room!

Here he is all dressed up for Teacher Meet and adorable is his outfit?!

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