Sunday, September 8, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Day

We've been spending the first 3 weeks of school learning nursery rhymes, working with colors and shapes, and focusing on rhyming words.  Today we had a "Humpty Dumpty Day" at school.  We all got our very own (hardboiled) Humpty to decorate and then drop off our "wall" while re-telling the nursery rhyme.  So much of our focus is on re-telling and rhyming the first part of the year...I use this re-telling activity for my Qualls assessment as well. :)
 The kiddies also got to make a Humpty and put him on the wall (brick scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby) and "write" how they would put him back together.  I thought they came up with some pretty cute ideas this year.

Then we started our Humpty "Egg-speriment".  We put a raw egg and a hard-boiled egg in vinegar to soak overnight.  The kiddies were so excited and had all sorts of theories as to what would happen. 

Then late in the afternoon all our "kings men and kings women" headed out to the track behind our playground for our 2nd annual Humpty Launch.  We love this activity and it's a student favorite from last year.  We covered 4 boxes with "brick paper" of different colors.  We used a 3 man slingshot and raw eggs to launch Humpty as far as we could.  We re-told the rhyme over and over and discussed where he landed each time (using those positional terms). 


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