Monday, April 7, 2014

on the Magic Schooooooooooooool Bus...

For book character day this year, we were inspired this year by our favorite science-minded redhead and her magical school bus.  I have always adored Miss Frizzle and her out of this world fashions.  I love that her dress is always themed.  I found the most perfect blue swing dress on clearance at Old Navy and the deal was set!  I made some felt planets, stars, and other fun things to sew on it.  I found the most perfect shade of yellow tights (Target clearance) and added my own red shoes and my little girl's Merida wig.  I had to pin the wig and put part into a pony to create the Frizzle look. I thought it turned out pretty fabulous and my students LOVED it.

Mr. Howse made THE most incredible bus out of carboard and paper.  He even added those sweet familiar faces of the kiddos in the back!  The bus opened up so our other kinder teachers could hop on!

This was by far my most favorite book character day!


  1. would you sale your wig?? i want to dress like this, but can't find a wig that isn't outrageous and it sized for an adult and not a child. thanks!!!

  2. i've clicked if you respond to notify me! :)