Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My favorite Students

 All of these characters are the types of students that I really enjoy having in my class. I love it when students are funny. If a student follows all the rules then Kindergarten would be dull. I like it when there is enough of a challenge to think about it but not so much that I need to call the cops. All of these characters are natural leaders. They are great at talking people into doing stuff (either good or bad). These are the ones that need a task in your classroom and they need to feel like you count on them. If they don't feel needed in your classroom then they can quickly take over a lesson and turn your room upside down. These are the students that are very intelligent but you have to create a more creative way to teach them. They are normally everyone's favorite in the class. Unfortunately, instead of some teachers labeling them as "natural leaders" or "intelligent" they often get the title of bad. My goal this year is to help them figure out that school is great before they realize how powerful they are with their leadership, overtaking classroom skills. Who has some great suggestions on how to make the lively learners shine before other teachers label them as bad?

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  1. I have watched Nathan work miracles with kids because of his positive attitude toward EVERY single child no matter what type of student he/she is!!!! He finds the perfect way to reach each child!! ALL of his students KNOW that he believes in them which results in very successful children!!!!!