Monday, August 12, 2013

3 horrible days that happen at school

There are a few days that happen in every child's school experience that they remember for a long time if not forever. Most people can explain what it was like when they got in trouble for the first time. People normally can recall the time their friend got in big trouble at school. People always remember the day they threw-up at school.
My first time to get in trouble was very harmless, I ate part of my lunch in class. The best thing I ever did to get into trouble (at school) was I took fake dog poop to school and made a girl scream in class when she thought she sat in it.
My best buddy Johnny got in huge trouble for busting a stink bomb in 7th grade. I thought he was going to die. His parents grounded him for what seemed like 6 years but looking back on it I bet it was more like 6 days.
The one that is impossible to forget is the throw-up day. I was wearing my favorite blue jeans with a camouflage patch over the knee. I had blue and black high top shoes. I was wearing a sweatshirt that said "RAD". I was trotting along doing just fine and all of a sudden it hit me. As I was asking the teacher to let me go to the bathroom it happened. I was mid sentence when the throw up monster attacked me. A spaghetti noodle came out of my nose. The worst part was it got all over my favorite shoes and jeans.
Today we have  one week until school starts. To be honest I would rather have a student get in trouble for the first time than to have a first time throw-upper the first week of school (or any week).
When I deal with students getting in trouble I normally am laughing on the inside but I have to pretend to be upset. When I deal with throw-up, I always remind myself how miserable that kid feels and embarrassed they must be. I looked at my class list today. I bet I can put a star by the names of people who might get into trouble a few times. I might even try to predict my projectile pukers.

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