Sunday, August 18, 2013

I think it is appropriate the day before Kindergarten starts to write about happiness. I know that there are lots of nervous teachers, students, and parents. Kindergarten can be a scary time for people. Its new and unfamiliar and way out of our comfort zone (at least for most).
My desk is overflowing with crayons, glue-sticks, construction paper, hand sanitizer, paint and paint brushes and lots of other school supplies. I know that my job is important because it is the foundation of education for many. I take my job serious but I have lots of fun with it. I hope in 20 years I do NOT have a student track me down and say that I taught them to be the best "colorer" they could be! I hope they never say because of Mr. Howse I turned out to be an expert with glue-sticks. I don't want them to come back in 20 years and brag about how good I was at teaching them to use the small scissors with the rounded edges. These are all big parts of Kindergarten but to me there is so much more! I hope in the 190 day school year we learn more about life than we do about coloring, cutting, and gluing. I hope this year we put a strong emphasis on using our heart and our imagination. I hope I teach and learn more about kindness, creativity, and being confident with who we are. I hope we all learn that each day is an adventure. I hope we learn/teach that laughter is good for all ages. I hope we learn that learning does not have to be associated with a book or a classroom. I hope we share our happiness this year. I hope we learn that it is okay to make mistakes. We will fail with dignity but then repeat the task with success! I hope we learn that it is easy to smile. I hope we become disoriented with words like enemies, hate, stupid, and ugly. I hope our vocabulary is engulfed with words like please and thank you. I hope we learn that its okay to be different. I hope we learn to have fun with any task put in front of us.
This year is going to be phenomenal. Good luck teachers. Good luck students. Good luck parents. Happy learning!

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  1. You are so special!
    I am so glad my one and only Granddaughter had you as her kindergarten teacher.