Monday, August 5, 2013

When I was little I had an awesome lunch box. It was metal and it had Rambo on it and it came with a matching thermos. I can still smell it to this day. I loved carrying it to school and if I remember correctly me friends thought it was a sweet lunch box. I'm sure there are rules these days about having a lunch box with Rambo carrying a rocket launcher on it. One day the juice spilled out of my thermos and got all over my sandwich. There is not much worse than a soggy sandwich. As a teacher there are days that I forget to go to the store so I have to get pretty creative with my lunches. I think the worst this year was a little bit of left over spaghetti and a jelly sandwich (we were out of peanut butter) and it was on a broken heel piece of heel bread. Both as a teacher and a student there are lots of occasions that someone else has a lunch that looks better than mine. I spend lots of time thinking about lunch because it is one of my favorite parts of the day. We eat at 10:40 so most of the world has just barely had breakfast at that point. I am curious what is the best thing you can pack in a lunch and what is the worst?


  1. Interesting topic! I think anytime you have leftover Chinese food, you have the makings for a great lunch the next day. The worst lunch i packed was a can of tuna and crackers....yuck!

  2. Good call on the Chinese food! That makes me hungry!