Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mrs. House's Carnival Classroom

Now we will tour my Carnival/Circus themed classroom! I have a regular ol' classroom so it's not as exciting as Mr. Howse's awesome enormo room.

My door..the Hubs spent HOURS on this I just have to keep my kiddos grubby hands off it! Ha!  The wall next to my door houses my work display.  I hang work on a ring to keep it all year long.  Once the kiddos arrive, I am going to take their pics with silly clown glasses and noses and replace those popcorn boxes with their cute pics!

This is the view when you walk into my room.

My little teacher area...

My reading area/calendar/main info wall.  I love my new number/shapes posters.


The view from my desk...

The window my bunting...this wall is just waiting on anchor charts to adorn it!

My guided reading/interactive writing area..

My reading area...I LOVE my new pillows.

The view from the front of the room...the HUBS spent hours on the word wall for me too!

My shelves full of center materials...

Another long shelf...the wall above it will be filled with anchor charts soon!

I love my clipboards..each kiddo has one and I can easily change out writing!

My newest addition...I painted this shelf with chalkboard paint! Its going to be my new word work center!

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