Thursday, August 1, 2013

I have always loved summers. Since I was little I have crammed lots of fun into a summer. I am starting to realize that my summers are becoming much different than they were when I was a kid. In the 80s my summers consisted of playing in the sprinklers and jumping over the old school lawn chairs that would be soaked in sprinkler water and covered in wet grass. In those days I ate a lot of chicken pot-pies and fish sticks and I normally had cheese balls with my lunches. When we were not playing in the pool or the sprinklers we were jumping from couch to couch in attempts of avoiding the pretend sharks. In the 90s we still spent lots of time at the pool. I was a Marco-Polo extraordinaire. We also would watch tons of  The Price is Right on T.V.. That meant yelling lots of numbers at the screen.   I bet we ate over 500 gallons of frozen pop-ice. It was also pretty common for us to spend hours at a time building a fort. This was when it was cool to get sweaty and play outside.
The summer of 2013 I have  spent a lot of time helping rewrite our curriculum for our school district. It has been a good summer but much different than they use to be. Today I am requiring my family to do something that I would have done with a summer day as a kid. I'm thinking it will be a water hose fight after we eat super type of night. I will also require everyone to eat at least two scoops of ice-cream for dessert.  Unfortunately, our summer is coming to an end. This means it is almost time to step into those lives that are about to start Kindergarten. It always helps me to remind myself that some people hate summers because of the way they are treated at home. This is when I get excited about becoming that person that those little kiddos look forward to seeing everyday.  I WILL play hard for the next few remaining days of summer but I will also happily welcome the new school year.

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