Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cafeteria food

I think a fun job would be a food critic. I love to eat. In fact, I love it so much I have been doing it close to three times a day for about 30 years. I like lots of different types of food. I have often wondered how cafeteria food has evolved over the years. At some point the cafeteria style food probably started in a one room school house. That was probably before any specific altered diet plans. I doubt little Tommy walked up to the cook and said anything regarding Gluten, sugar levels, or vegan style cooking. I also bet that the children ate everything in front of them. I am NOT saying that we have progressed in a bad direction ( I am thinking it but not saying it)  but definitely a different direction. Then at some point someone must have said we cannot use plates anymore, we need compartmentalized trays. Then eventually someone said lets forget about all the great beverage options and only serve milk in the middle of the day. I am a sucker for good pizza (or any pizza). When I was little my favorite was pepperoni. In Junior High my taste buds changed and I considered Italian sausage my favorite. In college I loved meat-lovers style pizzas. As an adult I love supreme. There is a place in town that serves a pizza called "The Thai-Pie", it is tough to beat. All of that to say that I have eaten a lot of pizza in my life.  Like most college kids I once survived on a diet consisting of mostly pizza and Roman Noodles. I don't think I have ever been to a pizza place and had a slice of pizza shaped like anything other than a triangle. It seems like the only side options in most pizza joints are salads, wings, and possibly spaghetti. At what point did someone say school pizza needs to be shaped like a rectangle and it should ALWAYS be served with corn? Corn, really? I bet it is really tough to find a pizza place that serves corn except for every public school in America. I think it would be fun for someone to start a show on the food network that allows children to be food critics. They should allow the children to critique different cafeterias all over country. I think it could be fun. Meanwhile, does anyone know where the corn and pizza came from?


  1. The worst school food has to be the "instant" mashed potatoes. Yuck! I think school potatoes seriously ruined my liking for anything in mashed form....

  2. There's a blog that I read about two years ago, by a teacher that ate cafeteria food for the entire year, and blogged about her experience, but also researched what was in the food. That rectangle pizza has over 90+ ingredients. 90.... in pizza!